Commitited to
being the best in
our industry


With over 30 years in the design and manufacture of brackets, Press and Lazer products have been proven to perform over time in high use, high stress situations. Being a niche business, focusing on brackets and attachments, Press and Lazer’s design and manufacturing capability is backed by the experience, innovation and know-how to ensure you have the best solution for your project.


A family business

Press and Lazer Limited were formed in 2013, combining two family owned businesses - Press Products Limited and LaserPro Limited.

The chief parent company ‘Press Products’ was formed in 1985 by Albert Harrison (Paul Harrison's father).  At that time Albert was in partnership with Glennies Stainless Steel [now known as Waikato Stainless].

After leaving Glennies Stainless Steel, Albert started in the garage at home making pipe brackets for the Dairy industry. He then rented a small factory in Wickham Street in 1986, building a profitable company with 3 employees. In 1988 the family built their first workshop down the road from Wickham Street and went onto employ more staff.

Over the next 16 years and two extensions to the workshop they have succeeded in expanding and branching out in the local, national and some international markets.

Due to globalisation and the threat of cheap foreign imports threatening their niche market, Press Products needed to diversify to keep ahead of the competition. This led to the formation of LaserPro Ltd in 2006 which serviced Press Products and its existing customers, equipped for jobbing and small production work plus research and development. LaserPro quickly branched out and grew into a range of markets and industries.

With full production already in place from Press Products the company was continually expanding into new ground with work ranging from Hotrods to rubbish bins.

In 2013 with Albert getting a little older and wanting to start his retirement plan, it made sense to bring the two companies together under one roof to reduce costs and run the ship under the helm of Paul Harrison.

Press and Lazer are committed to continually reviewing systems, using change to drive growth towards a vision to be the "best in the industry".

Press and Lazer currently employ 12-15 staff full time, operating two shifts with additional seasonal staff in the busy season.  Press and Lazer feel confident the family centered core translates into approachability for clients and staff.