Boslok Range

At Press and Lazer we know every detail counts when designing high value homes and buildings.  Fixtures and fittings that stand the test of time from an aesthetic and durability perspective contribute to the enduring appeal of your design.

Boslok brackets from Press and Lazer are designed and manufactured in New Zealand using high grade stainless steel.  The slim-line profile and flush finish belie their inherent strength and durability.

Designed to support tube and pipe, the brackets, with their pared back aesthetic and hidden fixings, are ideal for applications such as downpipes and hand rails.

Boslok brackets have a natural finish for cleaner production and ease of recycling.  Light but strong in design, Boslok brackets are available in all tube and pipe sizes up to 6” (152mm) with several different mountings and options available to cover most eventualities.