To ensure your project stays on track, you can rely on Press and Lazer's 30 years of experience in the bracket business.

Easy Installation

Brackets are designed to be easily installed, even in tight spaces and because our brackets are strong and thick they are easily modified to suit.


Press and Lazer brackets and attachments stand the test of time from a superior finish aesthetic and durability perspective.


Press and Lazer brackets are proven for performance in tough conditions – coping with vibration, contraction, expansion and knocks.


Press and Lazer products are the industry benchmark in terms of quality, reliability and compliance.


Press and Lazer offer agile solutions and responsive lead-times, guaranteeing delivery to specification, whenever you need them.


Through Press and Lazer’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, customers have access to a range of standard products as well as solutions customised to their project, with assured product performance.

Technical Advice

At Press and Lazer, we tap into 30 years working with a range of industries to give you the best advice based on our experience.